A Guide Concerning Painting Auto Wheels With Plastic-Based Spray Paint

When a vehicle rolls off of the lot, it comes equipped with wheels that are supposed to complement the overall look of the vehicle. However, this off-the-lot look may not always coincide with your personal style preferences when it comes to a vehicle. If you are looking for a quick way to make some changes to the look of your auto wheels, plastic-based spray paint is an easy way to give your ride a whole new personality. From flat black to fire-engine red, the color choices are endless and the resiliency of this material makes it ideal for painting parts that go through a lot of use.

Where can you find plastic-based spray paint?

Plastic-based spray paint is available everywhere, from regular retail stores to online auto shops. There are several different brands, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. For example, some brands only have neutral colors to choose from, while others may have several colors and also textured paints.

How much prep work do you have to do to the wheels before painting them?

One of the great things about this paint is that it is thick and will cover most small scratches and even nicks and dings. If you prefer, you can do a light sanding just to ensure you have a semi-smooth surface, but thorough cleaning is always a must.

Will the plastic-based spray work for plastic wheels?

You can used plastic-based spray paint on everything from metal to plastic and still achieve a desirable result. Plastic should be sanded lightly, however, just to give the wheels a little bit of texture to adhere to.

Will the paint stand up to gravel and other roadway debris?

Plastic-based spray paint is durable enough that it will actually hold up well. In some cases, it even holds up better than the typical spray paint because it is thick and heavy. What looks like one layer is actually several chemical layers of paint and epoxy-resin materials Where surface scratches would show through a layer of paint, you will not see the same issue with plastic-based spray.

When it comes down to it, coating your auto wheels with a plastic-based spray paint is a simple solution when you just want a change that makes your vehicle more your own. Be sure you take some time to check out all of the different choices you have to make your usual wheels look like something from a high-end parts store.

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