3 Car Parts That You Should Replace Before Winter

As you are getting ready for winter, there may be one main part of the season that you aren't looking forward to -- driving in the snowy and icy conditions. No matter how accustomed you are to driving in winter weather conditions, it is understandable to be nervous. However, changing a few car parts before these conditions hit can help. 1. Brake Pads First of all, if you have not had your brake pads inspected or replaced recently, it's a good idea to stop by an auto brake repair service to have your brake pads -- and entire braking system -- looked at.

3 Things To Know About O2 Sensors And Your Check Engine Light

When the check engine light in your car comes on, it could be for a number of different reasons. One of these reasons occurs when your car's oxygen (O2) sensor stops working. This sensor is an important part of your vehicle; and fortunately, it is relatively inexpensive to replace. Here are three things to know about O2 sensors. What Are They? An O2 sensor is a small component in your car, but it serves an important role.

Tips For Maintaining Your Auto Air Conditioner

When your vehicle is not blowing cold air anymore, it can be a miserable experience -- especially if you live in a particularly hot climate. In order to avoid breakdowns with your air conditioner, there are some quality maintenance steps that you can take. These will allow you to keep both your vehicle and its air conditioner in the best condition as you drive it throughout the years. Follow these pieces of advice in order to maximize on your auto AC maintenance.

Why You Should Take Your Luxury Car To A Dealership To Have It Detailed

If you drive a luxury car, you want it to look its best all the time. Keeping it clean and detailed is important if you want your car to really sparkle and shine, and you might spend a lot of time cleaning it yourself. However, other than light cleanings, it is best to take your car to the dealership to have it detailed. You might think that you can save money and still keep your car looking great by doing it yourself or hiring someone from a local detailing shop to do the job for you, but these are a few reasons to take it to the dealership instead.

Want To Keep Your Airbag Working? Look Out For These Four Common Issues

The airbag is one an essential safety feature of your car. Just like other parts of your vehicle, the airbag can break down and fail to protect you when you need it. It pays to be aware of some of the common problems that plague airbags. Here are four examples: Malfunctioning Seat Belt The airbags are part of the safety systems in your car, which also includes the seatbelts. The seatbelt is supposed to hold you back so that you aren't too close to the steering wheel (that houses the airbag) when the airbag deploys.