How To Touch Up Paint On Your Restored Porsche

Often the most challenging part of touching up the paint on a restored Porsche is finding the original paint color code. These tips will help you touch up the paint on your restored Porsche, starting with the task of finding the paint code.

1. Find the paint code.

If you changed the color of your Porsche during your Porsche restoration, you should have the paint color number already available. If the car is still painted in the original color, you'll need to find the paint color code somewhere in the Porsche. Porsche tends to put the paint codes in different places and has at times required the paint codes to be supplied by the dealer. The first place you should check is in the owner's manual. Check the first page and if not on the first page, then look through the entire manual. The paint code will be either three or four characters long. If it is four characters long, the paint code will start with an L. All paint codes include letters and numbers.

If the paint code isn't in the owner's manual, check the following places:

  • In the center of the hood on the underside.
  • Spare tire compartment.
  • Inside the trunk.
  • Front compartment storage area.
  • Inside the engine compartment.
  • Behind the rear license place.

Once you know the paint color, use this code to buy the touch up paint for your car. If you're unable to find out what the paint color code is for your Porsche, contact a reputable Porsche dealer or Porsche restoration company for help.

2. Clean the area.

Clean the area to be touched up. Remove any wax on the paint in that area.

3. Tape off the affected area.

Use masking tape to tape off the area and ensure that the only part of the car that gets painted is the part that needs the touch up.

4. Apply primer.

Areas showing bare metal or plastic will need to be primed before they can be painted. Apply primer in thin coats only over the area where bare metal or plastic is showing. Allow the primer to dry fully between coats and then let the primer sit overnight. In the morning, sand the primer with a fine grit sandpaper before continuing.

5. Apply the paint.

Apply paint in thin layers over the primed area. Allow the paint to dry between coats. Apply several coats until the touched up areas reach the height of the original paint.

6. Apply clearcoat.

Wait another night and give the paint a chance to fully dry, then apply several thin layers of clearcoat over the newly painted areas. Allow the clearcoat to dry between coats. Remove the masking tape.

7. Finish the area.

Wait a few days to give the clearcoat a chance to fully dry, then buff the newly painted area with rubbing compound.

For more information, contact Porsche Services or a similar company.