Three Window Treatment Solutions To Prevent Sun Issues Inside The Home

Although sun exposure can make your home seem brighter and nicer, it can also be a double edged sword. This is because sun can overheat your home and fade your furnishings. If you have a lot of windows, it can also compromise your privacy within your own home. The following are some solutions to these common problems.

Solution #1: Curtains

This is the most obvious and likely the least expensive option. You can choose blackout or energy efficient drapes to help reflect sunlight and avoid overheating inside the home. Unfortunately, these will limit your natural light during the day. If heat isn't a concern, shears can provide some privacy and protect furnishings and carpets from sun fading. They aren't a perfect solution, since they don't provide perfect privacy and they do little for making your home more energy efficient.

Solution #2: Shades

You have more options when it comes to shades and blinds. Standard mini or slat blinds can be closed to reflect heat when the windows are in direct line of the sun, and then opened to allow natural light the rest of the time. There are even automatic versions available that open and close depending on the sun's position. They do not do much for privacy or fading protection, though. If this is your concern, consider shades. Much like shears, these can let in diffused light while providing privacy. Cellular shades have an insulation layer, which can also help block heat without compromising light.

Solution #3: Tinting

Tinting is the optimum solution if you want privacy but still want to see out. Reflective tints give you a clear view outside while providing no view into your home. There are even UV-resistant tints that reflect ultra-violet light so you don't have to worry about fading or excessive heat buildup in your house. You can also use it with the window covering of your choice, or skip other window treatments entirely. The main issue with tinting is that it can be difficult to apply it without bubbles, so it is best to have it installed professionally. The tinting tech will install the film over the window, creating a seamless look with no gaps or bubbles.

It is also possible to purchase tinted replacement windows, which have the tint built into the surface. This is the optimum, although most expensive, choice, since you won't have to worry about scratches or bubbles. Click here for more info.