Signs Your Transmission May Be Failing

The transmission of your car keeps it moving. This particular component is responsible for the forward and backwards movement of your vehicle. Thus, if a transmission is in need of repair, it is best to have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Still, you may be unaware of signs that indicate that your transmission is failing. Here are a few:

Stalling Between Gear Shifts

Even if the transmission in your car is automatic, you may notice the transitions between the gears as your car increases speed. However, if your car seems to stall at various points as you press your accelerator, your transmission may be experiencing problems. This may be especially evident if you are going up a hill. Instead of being able to maintain your speed, you may notice that your car seems to struggle and hum loudly instead of progressing easily up the incline.

Failure to Go in a Specific Direction

Sometimes, if your transmission is failing, your car will not respond to a gear shift into the reverse position. When this occurs, your car may be unable to move backwards. Likewise, your car may not move forward when placed in a drive gear.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If your car is leaking red fluid, it is likely transmission fluid. Still, it can be difficult to discern what type of fluid is leaking from your car if the vehicle is parked on dark asphalt.

If you are noticing a leak and would like to determine whether or not it is transmission fluid, place a piece of newspaper underneath your car at night and check the color of the fluid on the newspaper the following morning. The white background of the newspaper can make it easier to determine the color of the fluid.

In addition, you can manually check the transmission fluid level by checking the transmission reservoir under the hood of your car. If the level is below the acceptable range noted on the container, your car needs to be serviced. Transmission fluid levels usually remain constant unless there is a leak in the line or a problem with the transmission of the car.

If you are noticing that the gears of your car appear to be slipping, the teeth of the gears may be broken or worn, and your transmission may need to be repaired. Schedule an appointment with a transmission repair specialist in your area to determine whether or not your transmission needs to be repaired or replaced. Contact a business, such as Interstate Transmission & Automotive, for more information.