Employ These Three Driving Habits To Help Extend Your Brake Life

As a driver, you can't expect your vehicle's brakes to last forever. Each time you step onto the brake pedal, you're wearing down your pads and rotors and getting closer to the need to replace them. However, this isn't to say that a careful driving approach can't drastically extend the life of your vehicle's brakes. Adopting a series of smart-driving tactics is advantageous because it will not only save you money in preventable brake replacement but also keep you safer every time you're behind the wheel. Here are three driving habits that can help to lengthen the life of your brakes.

Coast To Reduce Your Speed

It's a good habit to watch far down the road while you're driving. This approach can often give you an early warning about issues that you'll soon be facing, whether it's a stopped vehicle or a yellow light that's about to change to red. By being aware of changing situations ahead of you, you can gradually reduce your speed by coasting – instead of noticing the change at the last minute and having to brake hard. Coasting limits the length of time you spend pressing your brake pedal, which can help to lengthen the life of your brakes.

Lighten Your Driving Weight

The more weight that you're carrying in your vehicle, the more you'll have to use your brakes to slow your speed to a desired level. Over time, this means that consistently traveling with a heavy load in your trunk can wear out your brake components sooner rather than later. Keep apprised about what you're carrying, especially if it's heavy – for example, instead of carrying a toolbox around in your trunk, gather the essential tools into a small kit and leave those that you won't be using at home in your garage.

Skip Rush Hour Driving

Although you can't always get around driving during morning and afternoon rush hour, it's ideal to avoid these conditions when you can. Driving in rush hour often requires you to press your brake pedal countless times, which means that you're wearing your brakes excessively as a result of heavy traffic. It can be beneficial to think of some ways to avoid rush hour driving. One method is to carpool to work; this way, you'll only be driving half the time as you split the driving duties with a neighbor. You might also consider adjusting your driving route to avoid the streets that have the most traffic.