4 Common Signs Of Air Conditioning Problems In A Semi Truck

When you're a long haul trucker, having air conditioning in your rig during the summer months is essential. There is nothing worse than driving through an area where the temperature is in the triple digits and finding out that your semi truck's air conditioner isn't working as it should. As summer approaches, it is important to pay attention to how your truck's air conditioner is running-- if there is a problem, there will usually be signs. Some of the most common signs of a problem with a semi truck's air conditioner include:   

Air Isn't as Cold as it Used To Be

It can be very frustrating to set your truck's a/c to the coldest setting, only to have lukewarm or barely cool air blow out. This is a common problem, and it can be caused by several things. You may need to repair or replace the condenser, radiator, or the cooling fan. It may also be possible that the hoses in your cooling system have become clogged with dirt or debris. Don't wait until the air conditioner in your semi truck completely fails-- visit a commercial truck repair shop as soon as possible to have the issue diagnosed and repaired.

Leaking Coolant

Coolant runs through hoses and helps with the temperature of the air your truck's air conditioner puts out as well as the pressure. If you suddenly notice that the air pressure coming from the air conditioning vents is very low despite setting your a/c to blow on high, you may have a coolant leak. Truck coolant is very toxic, and it is not a good idea to breathe in the fumes from leaking coolant, so it is a good idea to take care of this type of problem as quickly as possible.

Strange Smells

If you turn on the air conditioner in your semi truck and immediately notice a musty or foul odor, there is a possibility that you have mold growing inside your truck's cooling system. Inhaling tiny mold spores on a regular basis may cause health problems, so don't ignore strange smells coming from your truck's a/c vents.

Unusaual Sounds

A truck air conditioner in good repair should make little noise while it is running. If you notice unusual sounds only when the air conditioner is on there may be a problem with the air conditioner's compressor, or you may have parts inside your trucks cooling system that need to be lubricated. Contact local professionals, such as those from Color Country Diesel Inc, for further assistance.