2 Birthday Gift Ideas Your New Teen Driver Should Appreciate

With a license to drive and a set of wheels to enjoy, your teen will likely appreciate gifts for their birthday that relate to driving in some way. If you're like most parents, you are probably interested in gifting them with something that will enhance their experience as a driver without interfering with their concentration while behind the wheel. By focusing on your teen's needs, you can provide them with a gift that they'll appreciate yet at the same time improves their ability to be a responsible driver. Consider one or both of the following birthday gift ideas: 

Certificates for Services, Inspections, and Parts

Whether your teen's vehicle is brand new or used, they are going to need to consider maintenance on a continual basis. Things like changing the oil on an average of once every 1,000 miles, replacing the brake pads when signs of wear and tear become apparent, and getting yearly tune ups are just a few things your teen will need to keep in mind as a responsible driver. But these services and replacements can add up as time goes on, so consider gifting your teen with a series of gift certificates that can be used toward their vehicle maintenance needs. In addition to gift certificates for a brake pad replacement and a tuneup, you can provide them with certificates for services such as:

  • Wheel alignments and tire repairs.

  • Suspension repairs and maintenance.

  • Replacements for accessories like windshield wipers and headlights.

In addition to a few gift certificates, consider enrolling your teen in a roadside assistance program to ensure their safety while on the road for the first year as a new driver.

A Prepaid Fuel Card

Another useful gift option to consider is a prepaid fuel card that can be funded in a variety of different ways. You can fund the card with enough money to fuel your teen's vehicle for a couple of weeks, and then they can use it as a savings account and regularly fund the card when possible to create their own source of continual gas money.

By ensuring that the prepaid fuel card can be funded using various payment options, such as credit cards, bank accounts, and even Paypal, your teen can use it to earn money for any services like babysitting that they provide to the community. Their customers can simply take the funding information your teen provides them and send a payment to their fuel card. This will also make it easy for you to fund the card when your teen completes a task that isn't part of their regular chore list as time goes on.

These basic gift ideas should be a hit with your teen, especially when they have a need to repair a flat tire or have the brakes replaced. Contact local professionals, such as those from Alignment Center