3 Car Repair Tools You Need To Finish Off Your Tool Box

If you have been working on your own vehicles for years, here are the last few tools you need to finish off and complete your ultimate tool kit. Here are three tools that will finish off your tool kit and give you the tools to improve as a mechanic. 

#1 An OBD Code Reader

Most newer vehicles send error codes to the on-board computer when something is wrong. You are typically alerted to the presence of these codes when a symbol lights up on your dashboard. You can find out exactly what that symbol is trying to tell you by attaching an OBD code reader to your vehicle. It will give you the exact code that your on-board computer has received from your vehicle. Generally, this information will help guide your repair decisions. Although you can take your car to a mechanic and have them read the codes on your computer, purchasing your own OBD code reader will allow you to get immediate feedback from your vehicle's computer without having to go through your mechanic. 

#2 Ground Cart

The ground cart that you see mechanics lay on and slide under the vehicle with is actually called a creeper. For basic car repair, you don't need a ground cart because you will be working under the hood of your car; not underneath your car. However, as you start taking on more advanced repairs, you are going to do more work under your vehicle. Although you can just lay down some cardboard and lay on your back, a ground cart will provide you with easier access to the underside of your car for larger repair jobs. This job will help upgrade your toolkit to professional mechanic status. 

#2 Impact Wrench

If you are going to be doing serious repair jobs on your vehicle, you need to invest in an impact wrench. Although you can use a breaker bar for stubborn bolts and screws, when something is really stuck, you need the strength that an impact wrench provides you with. When you purchase an impact wrench, you are going to need to purchase an air compressor and hoses as well. Purchasing an air compressor will allow you to invest in more advanced mechanic tools such as air gauge, drill, orbital sander and die grinder. 

If you want to build an automotive tool kit that rivals one a professional mechanic has, such as at Felix Auto Repair & Towing, you need to invest in an OBC code reader, ground cart and impact wrench. These tools will help complete your automotive toolkit.