3 Reasons Your Car's AC Might Not Be Working

Driving in the summer months is miserable if your car's AC isn't functioning properly. If your car's AC hasn't been working for a long time or you are just noticing that your AC is no longer working properly, you should know a few reasons why your car's AC is no longer functioning, which will help you seek out the proper treatment for your problem. 

Compressor Failure

Your car's AC compressor pumps the refrigerant throughout the system, and if the compressor fails, your car will no longer be able to produce cold air. Your air conditioning compressor might fail for a couple of reasons. If there isn't proper lubrication, it will eventually seize up and stop working. If the clutch that operates the compressor fails to engage or is damaged, then the compressor can't work properly. If the belts associated with the compressor are damaged or broken, this can also cause your compressor to stop working. In some cases the compressor can be fixed, but it might have to be replaced. 

Freon Leaking

Just like your home's AC unit needs refrigerant to operate properly, so does your car's AC system. If there isn't enough freon, then the air can't be properly cooled. Since freon doesn't get used up, if your system is low on freon this is indicative of a freon leak somewhere in your vehicle. Check your freon levels to determine if they are where they are supposed to be. If not, there is a leak. The leak will need to be fixed and then the freon recharged and topped off to the appropriate levels. 

Stuck Blend Air Door

The blend air door in your car pivots from the heating system to the cooling system, allowing either hot or cold air to flow through your vents. If the mechanisms that operate your blend air door is stuck, then your system will continually draw in warm air regardless of what setting you have on your AC. Your blend air door might be stuck due to the motor that operates it failing or due to broken gears. If your blend air door is stuck, you most likely need to have one of the mechanical components replaced.

If you can't identify yourself why your AC has stopped working, take your car into an auto repair shop. Be sure to describe any issues, besides lack of cooling, that you've had with your car's AC so the mechanic can better service your vehicle. To learn more, contact an auto repair company like Budget Automotive Center