Mid-Winter Tuneup: Key Things To Check With Your Car

Your car can go through some really terrible weather during the winter, and this sort of intensity can be tough on your car. You don't want your car to push through the winter without being properly cared for by an auto servicing shop. The little things that should be done during a mid-winter tuneup will be instrumental in preventing your car from going through lots of damage and getting really beaten up in the long run. The little tuneup options are not that expensive, so you should make sure get these done in a timely manner. Here's a few ideas as to how to get that done and what exactly you want done.  

Tire Safety

You always want your tires to be cared for. This is really important because traveling on the wet and icy roads can really be dangerous. The spin-out factor can be deadly. If you're traveling on a road at high speeds, you need to have your tires in perfect condition. So, make sure you bring your car in and have the auto service person check the treads on the tires. If the tires are worn down and the treads are not in great shape, you will want to have the tires replaced. Don't put off fixing the tires in the hope that you can push through and save some money.

Battery: Terminals and Charge

You also want to make sure that your battery is in good shape. You never want to travel around with a battery that is not holding a charge or that has bad terminals. This might result in you being stranded some cold night somewhere. So bring your car in if there is any problem with the car starting to rule out a simple problem such as a bad battery. It might even be a case of the battery terminals being in need of cleaning.

Oil, Brake, and Transmission Fluids

You also want to make sure that your car has all of the necessary fluids. If your car is leaking fluids, that needs to be addressed. Leaking oil might be an issue with a gasket. Instead of  just pouring oil into the engine, bring it in for a servicing so that you can see if it's in need of a repair. Likewise, you want to make sure that the car is not leaking brake fluid (which is a potential deadly problem) or transmission fluids.