4 Tips To Give Your Auto Restoration Project A Modern Makeover

If you are doing restorations to a classic car, sometimes, there are good reasons to consider custom improvements. Things like fuel injection and anti-lock brakes are ideal if you want your car to be more modern with excellent performance and handling. There are also audio and electronic improvements that can make your car more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some of the things that you may want to consider for giving your classic restoration project a modern makeover.

1. Modern Tuning with Fuel Injection Conversion and Upgrades

Carburetors are the fuel delivery system that is used in older cars, which are inefficient and can cause problems with starting and other issues. Therefore, many people that do custom renovations to classic cars do fuel injection conversions. Today, fuel injection conversion kits will give your car modern performance, reliability and options for tuning and performance adjustments. If you are planning on driving your restored car regularly, fuel injection conversion is a good investment to make it a little more reliable.

2. Suspension Upgrades and Modern Anti-Lock Disc Brakes for Improved Handling

The suspension and brakes of your car are one of the areas you will want to consider modern improvements. First, older cars often have drum brakes that are not anti-lock systems. To update your brakes for modern performance and handling, upgrade them to four-wheel discs with anti-lock features.

Also, you may also want to upgrade the suspension with better springs, shocks, struts or even tie rods to make it stiffer. If you are doing restorations to a unibody car, you may also want to consider tie rods for the upper fenders to eliminate body twist that can cause damage to the suspension and alignment of your car.

3. Modern Electrical Improvements for Audio, Connectivity, Navigation, and More

The electrical improvements of your home give you many opportunities for modern features. First, you may want to consider replacing the wiring harness to accommodate more electronic devices and upgrades for things like fuel injection. For the electronics in your car, you may want to consider improvements like Bluetooth connectivity to monitor performance and add features like hands-free smartphone connections. You can also add things like colored displays with built-in navigation for your car.

These are some the improvements that you will want to consider giving your classic restoration project a modern makeover. If you need help with some of these improvements for your car, contact an auto repair service for help with your classic restoration. For more information and assistance, contact your preferred auto repair shop.