Does My Car Need To Go In For A Repair Because Of The Transmission?

The transmission of your vehicle should last up to seven years, or close to 200,000 miles, but this doesn't mean your transmission will work flawlessly throughout this time. You could have a small leak in your transmission system that causes your car to have low transmission fluid and problems with how your transmission functions. Your driving habits can cause your transmission to wear down early. If you notice problems with how your vehicle is shifting or you can't seem to get your car up to speed while driving, you might have an issue with your transmission that needs to be addressed. Bring your car in for auto repair service when you suspect your transmission is not working correctly.

Delayed Engagement and Your Vehicle's Transmission

Delayed engagement happens when you put your car into gear and your car doesn't go into the gear right away. The delay can be barely noticeable, or you can put your car into gear and have to wait a few seconds for it to engage. Your transmission is responsible for making sure your car is in the right gear. Pay attention to problems with getting your car into the right gear.

Not Getting Up to Speed

If you are driving on the highway and your car takes a long time to get up to speed, the issue could be with your transmission. You should hear or feel your car changing gears as you gain speed. When this doesn't occur, your transmission could be to blame. If you don't seem to have any power while trying to go faster, your exhaust system may have a hole in it. Another problem could be that you have condensation in your gas tank, causing moisture to build up.

Engine Revving Without Changing Gears

You might see the tachometer on your vehicle go up without your car changing into the right gear. If your engine is straining and your car refuses to go into the next gear, you probably need to have transmission work done on your car. The engine may rev while you are driving, or when you are idling at a stop sign. 

If you suspect any issues with your transmission, bring your car in for auto repair service. If the transmission light goes on, or if you notice pink or red fluid coming from your vehicle, get the auto repair service you need to keep your car in good shape.