Considerations To Make When Buying A Camper Truck

If you enjoy camping and road trips, then a truck camper is a must-have. Essentially, a truck camper is a recreational vehicle (RV) transported in the bed of a pickup truck. As such, a truck camper is versatile since it can go anywhere the mini-truck travels. So, what factors do you consider when purchasing a truck camper?

Type of Truck

There are different pickup truck models available in the market. However, not all mini-trucks can carry a camper. One must consider the model of the pickup truck before buying a camper. In this case, check out the make, bed size, engine capacity, and wheels of the mini-truck. Then, analyze the hitch and tow capacity of the truck. Finally, find out whether you need to upgrade the suspension or add anti-sway bars for stability. You can consult a truck manufacturer, dealer, or mechanic for expert opinion. Having the correct truck will ensure compatibility with the camper without adjustments.

Camper Features

The two main types of truck campers are hard-side and pop-up campers. Typically, a pop-up truck camper has a roof that can raise or lower the upper part of the truck camper. As such, pop-up campers have a lower center of gravity that reduces drag and increases fuel efficiency. More so, the pop-up campers weigh less and are easy to maneuver in areas with roadway obstacles. In comparison, hard-side campers have a fixed roof and solid walls that enhance insulation and sound isolation. In addition, consider whether the camper amenities such as bathrooms, kitchen, and living space.


A truck camper comes at a price. Primarily, you will have to purchase the camper and a pickup truck if you do not own one. In addition to these basic costs, there are other operational expenses to factor. Ordinarily, you will have to budget for an insurance cover to protect you from accident and grand theft risks. More so, think about the fuel costs. Typically, the fuel cost will depend on the truck model and the additional weight of the camper. In addition, consider service charges such as waste dumping and water connection.


The functionality and durability of your camper truck depend on regular auto servicing. Unlike other cars, recreational vehicles have unique servicing requirements. Thus, it is essential to identify an auto servicing shop that specializes in recreational vehicles. Such an auto shop should have the capacity to conduct regular servicing for the mini-truck. More so, the service provider should have the expertise to do maintenance for camper amenities. In this way, you will have guarantees that you can access quality auto services for the truck camper regularly. 

Selecting a truck camper that will suit your specific needs requires careful consideration. Thus, before buying a camper, evaluate the purpose and assess the features. Also, plan for truck camper servicing needs by identifying an auto service.