4 Common Car Problems That Need Suspension Work

Does your ride feel too rough, even on relatively smooth roads? It is time to inspect the car's suspension system. Many drivers, especially those using smooth urban roads, overlook the suspension. Still, it takes a lot of pounding, even on these smooth surfaces. A failing suspension system will make your ride feel bumpy. Today's car suspension system is highly sophisticated to offer the smoothest ride possible. What problems require suspension work?

Wheel Misalignment

Running into curbs, bumps, and potholes causes wheel misalignment problems such as camber and toe-in. You will see the tires wear out faster on some sections. The car may also pull to one side. 

You can easily check for wheel misalignment. When driving on a straight stretch, let go of the steering wheel. There is a wheel misalignment if the car pulls to one side. You should have a wheel inspection for misalignment and corrected to avoid further damage to your tires and suspension system.

Faulty Control Arms

Control arms are crucial in a vehicle's steering and shock absorption. Front-drive vehicles see more problems with this component than rear-drive vehicles. Worn-out bushings are the biggest cause of faulty control arms.

Routine suspension work must include an inspection of the bushings. Your mechanic will most likely recommend replacing the bushings if they are too worn out. You will notice your ride become smoother and the steering more accurate with new bushings.

Worn-Out Shock Absorbers

Do you feel your ride is too bumpy, and the car shakes a lot when you hit a bump? Then, you probably have faulty shock absorbers. They contain fluid or air to dampen the shock. When there is fluid leakage, the ride will become bumpier. 

Faulty shock absorbers can only be replaced and not repaired. Air suspension systems are tricky to fix, but they are mostly in pricier vehicles. In some car models, worn-out shock absorbers will bring the car to a complete halt. You need suspension brake work to remedy worn-out shock absorbers.

Faulty Ball Joints

Does your car squeak and creak when you turn the steering wheel? This is because you have faulty ball joints. These components are crucial in absorbing up-and-down shock. Faulty ball joints make a car's ride feel very rough, even driving on smooth roads. You need suspension brake work ASAP when you notice your ride has become rougher than usual and an unusual noise when turning.

Do you feel your car has become too uncomfortable to drive? Book an appointment with an auto service for suspension works.