Have An Extended Warranty On Your Car? Why You Should Take It Back To The Dealership For Repairs

When you purchase an automobile it usually comes complete with a warranty that is issued by the manufacturer. Although warranties are usually standard with new cars, you may still be able to get in on the coverage if you buy a used car that is still within the warrantied timeframe. As an extra form of protection, you might have opted to get an extended warranty that covers items not generally protected under the original warranty. If you've recently started to experience problems with the vehicle, you may be wondering if you can take it to your personal mechanic or if it's better to go back to the dealership. Read further and you should begin to see why heading to the dealership is the way to go.

Mistakes Can Be Costly

If you're like some people, you probably have a very good relationship with your mechanic. An experienced mechanic who knows their way around a car isn't necessarily the easiest thing to come across. Once you find it, you are likely to remain loyal to that person for a very long time. While you are probably very confident in their skills and feel sure that they can resolve the problem with your car, you have to keep in mind that no one is perfect. Your mechanic may go into the job with the best of intentions but if they make an error that causes additional problems, you could potentially void your warranty.

Going to the dealership to get the work done protects you from this type of risk. If the dealership mechanic makes a mistake, it's more likely to be covered and resolved.

There Could Be A Recall

The issues you are experiencing with your car may be more intricate than you know. Faulty parts that were installed when the car was first manufactured could have been discovered. When this happens, a recall is usually sent out so car owners can bring the automobile to the dealership for repairs. 

Perhaps you moved to a different house before receiving the recall notice and never got the memo. The mechanics for extended warranty cars at the dealership know to check for recalls before performing any work to see if there are other factors at play.

Going to the dealership to have your car repaired is truly the wisest thing to do. When you have an extended warranty on your vehicle and need to have it repaired, get over to a dealership immediately.