Easy Spring Auto Tips To Make Your Driving Experience Safer And Smoother

Are you thinking of hitting the road for a spring road trip now that the snow and ice of winter have melted away? You likely already keep an eye on your vehicle as it is when it comes to regular maintenance, but this spring is as good of a time as any to pay closer attention to your vehicle and make sure it's ready for the driving that's ahead. Here are some auto care maintenance tips to follow this spring that are relatively easy to take care of on your own, although getting a full inspection from a local auto service is never a bad idea.

Your Wipers Might Be Due for a Change After the Wear and Tear of Winter

When was the last time you changed your windshield wipers? This part of your car tends to be taken for granted at times, you just expect to hit the lever or button and have your view fully restored. But winter can cause issues over the long term for windshield wipers. Perhaps there's a lot of dirt and road salt that got onto the wipers, causing them to operate less efficiently. Maybe you even caused some damage to the wipers themselves by trying to pull them off the ice that was on your windshield instead of waiting for the defroster to do its job. This spring is as good of a time as any for a fresh set that will help you deal with any April showers and all future inclement weather you encounter.

Improve Your Fuel Economy and Improve the Lifespan of Your Vehicle's A/C Unit By Investing in a New Air Filter

Your vehicle's air conditioning unit has a filter in it just like the HVAC system in your house. This filter can pick up dirt any time of year, but winter can especially cause an issue with road salt kicking up or just other dirt particles in the air as you drive down a wintry road. Spring is a good time to start fresh, and swapping out your air filter is a painless process that's about as easy as swapping out the filter in your system at home. Look at your car's manual if you aren't sure where it's located under the hood or if you need to find the right model of filter to buy.

Cold Weather Can Affect the Pressure of Your Tires, So Make Sure You Reset to the Correct Measurement Now That Spring is Here

Poor tire pressure also decreases fuel economy and can even lead to unsafe driving conditions. Cold air can affect your tire pressure, so this spring is a good time to make sure the tires are topped off to the right amount if you haven't taken care of this in a while.

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