How Free Junk Car Removal Helps The Environment

Getting a free junk car removal is a fast and convenient way to get rid of your old car while making a little extra cash from its sale. If you care about the environment, you may want to know what happens to your car after the tow truck leaves your property.

While junk car buyers make money by pulling apart old cars and selling them part by part, they have a legal responsibility to mitigate the environmental issues facing the automotive industry.

Read on to discover how junk car buyers help protect the environment.

Auto Parts Recovery

Junk car buyers understand that some of the parts in unwanted cars are still in good working condition and should not be discarded alongside the bad ones. When your car arrives at the auto scrap yard, they will strip it down to the frame to separate individual components and assess their condition.

Only parts that meet the performance and safety standards specified by the vehicle manufacturer can be offered for sale.

Auto parts recycling reduces the need for primary production of auto parts, which require substantial amounts of natural resources like energy and water. The availability of recycled vehicle parts also helps lower the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new auto parts.

Scrap Metal Recycling 

Junk car buyers don't make money by selling used parts alone—they also sell the scrap metal and other precious materials recovered from unwanted vehicles. The recycling of scrap metal and other valuable materials reduces the need to manufacture similar materials from scratch, thus preserving vital natural resources.

Hazardous Waste Management

Old cars contain many hazardous materials and chemicals that can be harmful to people and the environment if not handled and disposed of correctly. These materials and substances include:

  • The lead and corrosive acid in lead-acid batteries
  • The lithium in lithium-ion batteries
  • The refrigerant in auto air conditioning systems
  • The asbestos in some brake pads

Junk car buyers have the training and experience necessary to ensure safe handling and disposal of all potentially harmful substances that your car contains. As a result, you don't have to worry about these substances being released into the environment and posing a threat to human, animal, marine, and plant life.

Are you ready to get a cash offer for your old car? Contact a junk car removal company in your area to learn more about the process of free junk car removal