3 Common Engine Issues That May Cause Overheating

Your car stems its power from the engine, which acts as the core combustion. The engine gets exposed to high temperatures and cools itself in two major ways under normal cases. First, the engine is exposed to a coolant fluid which plays a crucial role in controlling the engine's temperature and preventing overheating and rust. Secondly, the oil that flows through this system has a chilling effect. However, various problems can occur, making your engine overheat, leading to permanent damage if you don't take the right actions. You need to consult a mechanic in case your engine overheats. Below are engine problems that can result in overheating.

1. Leaking Coolant

This is usually the most common cause of an overheating engine. The coolant flows through the car engine through the cooling system to absorb the heat generated by the engine. The fluid is then conveyed to the radiator to release the heat. Therefore, if there is a leak in this system, the coolant left will not be enough to cool the engine as required, resulting in overheating. Check the coolant level to see if it is below the normal level, and have a certified mechanic inspect the engine for any leaks.

2. Defective Thermostat

The main role of a car's thermostat is to regulate the engine temperature by regulating the flow of coolant to the radiator until it reaches the needed temperature. It ensures adequate heating of the engine and ensures that it stays within the safe functioning temperature by opening and allowing the flow of coolant to commence. Therefore, when the thermostat gets stuck in the closed point, it will interrupt the flow of coolant to the engine and cause overheating. Have your car checked by an auto repair expert if you notice your thermostat is stuck. 

3. Defective Radiator Fan

The radiator's role in the cooling system is to cool the hot coolant coming from the engine and keep it within a safe temperature. If faulty, this will not happen, and the engine will start overheating. So, start your car, and once idling, check the fan to make sure that it is spinning and functioning as needed. If not, engage a car repair expert and have it fixed.

An engine that is overheating is usually a cause for concern. However, keeping up with regular car care will help pinpoint the problem early. Get the help of an auto repairer and have your car engine inspected.

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